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How Not To Ruin A Relationship With Korean Woman?

Asian beauty has been appreciated by men all over the world for centuries. But recently, their interest in Korean girls grew like wildfire. The exotic beauty and charming personality of these ladies can enchant anybody. However, jumping in international dating without any knowledge about cultural differences isn’t wise. Korea is a unique country that has interesting customs and traditions that are new to all Westerns. You should explore them before starting a relationship. It will help you to understand the Korean mentality better, charm the girl you chose much quicker and find a Korean wife that is a perfect match.

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If you want to build a strong relationship and know how to date Korean women, then our pro tips are what you need. We gathered some essential cultural peculiarities and offer ways to smooth out those differences and find ways to connect on a deeper level. Explore the Korean relationship culture to avoid misbehavior or awkward situations and find out everything about Korean mail order bride price.


Pro Tips: How to date Korean girl

Stay in touch

An important part of dating a Korean bride is always to stay in touch. Your lady will expect you to stay connected all the time. Lovely checks ins throughout the day or wants to see what you eat or do is a sure sign that she cares about you.

Avoid number 4

That may be the oddest dating tip but it is important. Gorgeous Korean brides are afraid of this number, even though modern brides are not that superstitious. The fear comes from hieroglyph of 4, which means death in Korean. So, if you were planning to surprise her with something that has number 4, or buy 4 flowers, better ditch that idea.

There are two love holidays

Valentine’s Day is the usual holiday in Western countries. But Koreans do it a little differently. Valentine’s is a day when women are giving chocolates or other little signs of love for men. And there is White Day, held one month after the 14th of February when men return the favor. So, dating a Korean woman be ready to prepare white-colored candy, jewelry, or other things your bride likes.

Consider matching outfits

The way you look, your sense of style is an easy way to impress your date. Having matching outfits is considered very cool. That is why if you want to win over some extra boyfriend points color match your look to hers. But that is not a rule, but taking care that you are clean, dressed appropriately is a must.

No extensive PDA

Couples in Korea might match their outfits, but PDA is not common to their culture. Holding hands is okay but french kissing? Not so much. If that is a norm in your country, think a bit about your girl’s boundaries and try to respect that. Korean brides are very passionate but only in a private environment.

Show that your intentions are serious not only on words

Showing that you have serious intentions is important in any relationship, but it is extra important in dating a Korean. The culture of these beauties is concentrated around family and man-woman relationships. They have a great saying that tells that one cannot applaud with one hand, meaning that we always perform better in a couple. From it comes one of the huge cultural traditions of Korea – building a happy family. If you are sure about your choice, make sure that your girl knows it. You can do it by:

  • Telling and showing your affection and love
  • Noticing little things she likes and making surprises
  • Discussing your future together
  • Meeting each other parents
  • Well, and obviously proposing
  • Be ready to celebrate anniversaries!

Well, you may think that it is a normal thing to celebrate a wedding anniversary and maybe a date that you’ve started dating. But Koreans celebrate not just that. They have 100 days, 200, 300, 500, and 1,000-day celebrations. Younger couples (usually teens) like to celebrate their 22nd day together, which is very uncommon to any other culture.


Don’t be Joe – Share your food!

Many Korean restaurants serve dishes that are made specifically for two people. So, if you’ll go out for dinner, expect to share. There is a popular Korean couple dessert – bingsu, which is a common date activity. Also, it’s a norm for couples to share a frappuccino or milkshake in cafes as well.

Make sure that her parents like you

Korean as the majority of Asian cultures is very respectful and traditional. People even have special forms of speech for talking to parents and grandparents. Korean ladies value the opinion of their close ones, that’s why you should make sure that they think highly of you. A great way to make a great first impression is to learn some of the phrases and use them. That will show great respect for parents and culture in general and for sure will be very appreciated by the girl you like.

Even though Korean dating differs from Western traditions, it is interesting, unique and can bring a lot of new things into our life. Having a Korean girlfriend is a great choice, as those women know how to love and make you the happiest man.

Final thoughts

You can read dozens of guides on how to date a Korean woman, but an international and interracial relationship is always going to require more effort from you than a relationship with a local girl. This is why the first thing you need to do is decide if you really want it. Dating a Korean woman can be more challenging than you expect, starting from finding a Korean girlfriend and from the moment when you finally bring her home to marry her. However, if this is a well-grounded decision and not an impulsive thing for you, then there is nothing impossible in this quest. When you are motivated by a sincere desire to find love, you don’t see the possible challenges as real obstacles. And thanks to our advice, you will find plenty of Korean women to date and will know exactly how to make your relationship shine, even if it’s your first time dating a lady from Korea.

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