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Why us?

You know how difficult it is in a modern world, with so many options available, to find a reliable dating website. You also know how difficult it is to make the right choice and stop wasting your time searching for a better service. We know this too. That’s why we are here to help you. We are a team of young ambitious people who never hesitate when taking an initiative. We relentlessly work on selecting the best dating websites for you.

Why? Because we know you need it. By trial and error, we first started selecting dating platforms, so we got to know which obstacles this time-consuming process has. Now we know firsthand what it is about. We decided to analyze some of the most popular and known websites and now present this information to you so that never again you waste your time and rather save it for romantic endeavors.

How does it work?

On our website, you can find not only a thorough analysis of dating websites and comparisons between them. We also analyze thousands of other sources to make your online dating experience easier and more enjoyable. Every user will find something helpful on our website. AsianBride.me has a team of online dating experts who can help you find love online. How? They prepare articles and reviews with tips for online dating.

We make sure our platform is free for every person. You do not need to pay even a cent for getting valuable information. Instead, we receive agency fees from the services advertised on our website. We play fair and square. We prefer transparency and let you know that this system can affect the allocation of sites in our ranking.

We serve you

The way you see AsianBride.me is just the tip of an iceberg. Under water, there is a lot of hard and thorough work of dozens of people. Our team of analysts and sociologists stay abreast of the latest updates in the industry of online dating. They continuously analyze already existing and emerging dating platforms, survey users, and compare rival websites. This is all to ensure you have all the necessary information. Our designers help them visualize the data and present it to you in the most attractive way. The goal, which we successfully meet, is to create the most up-to-date, honest reviews and serve your interests.

How do we prepare reviews?

Our team of experts follows a well-established algorithm when analyzing and assessing each dating website. AsianBride.me has developed a certain set of criteria according to which our analysts assess sites. Here they are:


We never rely on approximate estimates. We make sure our users receive verified information about dating sites from such reliable sources as SimilarWeb, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and others. When assessing the site’s popularity, we pay attention to total visits of the site, average visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rates, and traffic by countries. We also analyze data of rival websites and check if users are attracted to the same site more than once.


How do we know that a dating site is reputable? We collect reviews from average online users from various platforms, such as l.instagram.com, facebook.com, and trustpilot.com. Then our sociologists analyze them and based on people’s opinions prepare the pros & cons of each site. Those sites with higher positive reviews are ranked higher on AsianBride.me lists.


All our reviews contain a section Ease of Use. What you see in it is the result of the work of our designer team. These people thoroughly test each website product and assess it according to the following criteria: usability, additional services, aesthetics, adaptability for different devices, and overall impression.

A good dating website gets high points in each of these domains. For example, a site with a mobile app that can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones will be ranked higher than that with only mobile and desktop versions available.

Users quality

For any user, it is crucial to know if a site has real members with high-quality profiles. If site members have no profile photos or if profile photos are not personal, it makes an impression that the site is full of scammers. To make sure you do not get into their hands, our experts look through dating sites’ profiles and evaluate their quality. They check if profiles are completed and detailed, if they have personal photos, and so on. Other important things that our experts check are the speed of users’ responsiveness and overall user engagement.


Our experts also engage with customer care teams of each website and assess how responsive, fast, and helpful they are.

Try us

AsianBride.me is a top-notch website with a team of professionals behind it, who are passionate about serving people and making their online dating life easier. Check our website to get the best out of this team’s work!

Shahriar Romel
The quality and usefulness of the content is essential, but Shahriar Romel, our chief editor, knows that readability and structure matter a lot, too. He and his team are the ones who check all the information and make sure that it can be read and understood easily.
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