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Marrying A Vietnamese Woman: Can I Buy A Bride for $1000?

Marriage agencies and online dating venues allow you to buy a bride from any country in the world. Well, you are not actually buying a woman, but in this case, price means all money that you spent in the process, or some just count the sum that they spent on the dating platform. Even the estimate is various for each case, the financial side is an important factor for a lot of single men that are considering international online dating.

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Today we are going to cover how much does a Vietnamese bride cost and what you are expected to pay for. Continue reading and find out if it is really possible to buy a Vietnamese bride for $1000.


What influences the price of a Vietnamese bride?

Modern technologies and growing demand for dating venues created a boom in the industry, resulting in a vast variety of options available. One of the biggest reasons why Vietnamese mail order bride prices may vary is the type of platform you decide to use. Generally, there are two types of mail order brides websites: international, that has women from various countries, and sites that specialize in a certain nationality or region. If the platform is popular and offers a lot of high-quality services that you should expect the prices to be a bit higher. But popular platforms are usually reliable and have a lot of feedback, which makes them safer. Safety and quality of services while dating is vital for a positive experience.

Most of the professional mail order bride sites work on a fee-based system. That means that their services are paid. However, they also provide some of the basic services for free. Also, there may be a free trial or registration bonus that is granted for all new members to explore the site. The majority of dating sites are using virtual currencies, like credits, that you can purchase in packages. Currently, the price for one 1 credit is around $3.99. As a rule, there is the option to buy a premium or VIP membership that is more expensive upfront but lower the bride price in the long run. Such membership is not only cost-effective but it also helps to get the most of the website and find your Vietnamese bride faster.

What are the components of the Vietnam bride price

  1. Website/Agency membership fee โ€“ VIP membership is around $25 per month.
  2. Cost of services that you decide to use โ€“ communication tools, presents, translation โ€“ everything depends on how much and what youโ€™ll want to use.
  3. Travel expenses to your Vietnamese wife hometown (tickets/accommodation/leisure/presents.)
  4. Preparing documents and legal consulting on international law and immigration. (Note that some marriage sites offer assistance on that matter.)
  5. Proposal and wedding expenses โ€“ According to the latest Real Weddings study from The Knot $33,900. But those are highly variable and can be tailored to any budget.

As you see there are too many factors that contribute to the price of Vietnamese mail order wives and a lot of them are variable. But that is a great thing as you can tailor the price to your budget. Here are some tips on how to get the best value for your buck.


Get the best price for a bride from Vietnam

  • Help the platformโ€™s algorithm to suggest the most suitable matches by making your preferences and wants for the future bride very detailed.
  • Regularly use the site to always stay connected, communicate more, and build a strong relationship with the Vietnamese mail order bride you like faster.
  • Keep your eyes peeled to sales and seasonal bonuses. They are a great way to get the best value for your buck!


The price of the stunning Vietnamese brides may be really very different. And if you count up all factors that we mentioned $1000 wonโ€™t be enough. But it can be more than enough if you exclude traveling and wedding expenses. If you werenโ€™t counting that in the first place, then buying a bride for $1000 could be possible. But regardless of that, the current price options are average and almost every Western man can afford to use dating sites and find his soulmate online.

Shahriar Romel
The quality and usefulness of the content is essential, but Shahriar Romel, our chief editor, knows that readability and structure matter a lot, too. He and his team are the ones who check all the information and make sure that it can be read and understood easily.
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