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Who are mail order wives?

Filipino brides are ladies for marriage who are looking for foreign husbands online. These girls are using special online dating platforms, called mail order brides services, which allow Asian women and basically ladies from all over the world to communicate with and date men from predominantly Western countries. Mail order bride services are exceptionally popular in the Philippines, other Asian countries, and in general in mail order bride countries, which is why you can find so many Asian girls for marriage on dating sites. Still, Filipina women are the world’s most popular mail brides, as these local women obtain the largest number of K-1 visas, which are also called fiancée visas. The Filipino bride cost is not that high, which is why a lot of girls from this country are so popular.

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Philippines mail order brides are indeed popular among Western men, but what is the secret behind such popularity of Filipina ladies? Well, some may say that a typical Filipino bride online is exceptionally beautiful, and it is true. Others may claim that most Filipino brides have everything a Western man needs. And there is truth in these words as well. But we would like to offer you a more detailed analysis of Philippines women so that you could understand how the combination of most common features makes Filipina dates so damn popular in the US and that you can easily marry Korean women by using dating websites of the mail order bride industry!

  • Beauty. Filipino mail order brides possess unique beauty even among Asian ladies for marriage, so building a relationship with a stunningly attractive Filipino girl is a reasonable motivation for foreign men. In this sense, girls from this country share a lot with Eastern European women, as these ladies also possess otherworldly appearances!
  • Honesty and loyalty. When building a serious relationship on international dating sites, it is important to find a Philippines girl who is honest and loyal. Well, Filipino ladies are just like that! Everything that your Filipino wife thinks, your young woman will tell you. While at first, such honesty can feel too much, you will appreciate it with time, as having a partner who helps you to become a better person is always great!
  • Eager to with a foreign man. One of the major features that make foreign women from the Philippines so popular is that they are ready to change their lives and become Filipina wives to foreigners. Indeed, matching Filipino women are numerous, and it won’t be difficult to find a foreign bride on an online dating site that is suitable just for you. Some of them want to avoid domestic violence, as a lot of South Korean men can be rather aggressive due to Korean patriarchal culture.
  • Active lifestyle and worldview. Compared to young women from other countries in Asia, it is essential to note that Filipino brides are not that shy, passive, and obedient. If you are looking for a more equal partner, then you will have a wonderful time with a Filipino bride! Moreover, ladies from their home country enjoy spending a lot of time outside, thus, making your relationships more diverse and adventurous.
  • Desire to build a family. Lastly, if you have serious intentions to start a family, the Filipina mail order bride will make sure that you will obtain everything you desire. These girls that you can find on mail order brides websites are eager to build a family with men from other countries, and they want to do that as soon as possible, which will allow you to find and marry a Filipina wife quickly and effectively! They don’t look for an instant wealthy life, they want to build something serious, which is why they are using a mail order bride website.

How successful are marriages between American and Filipino women?

When using mail order bride sites to seek Filipino mail order wives, one should always remember that proper preparation is necessary if you have serious intentions. In this section, we would like to represent some data regarding the popularity of marriages between American men and Filipino girls so that you could have a better understanding of what to expect from your relationship with a Filipino woman online!

The Philippines is a wonderful country as it is the mecca of online communication and mail bride services. Indeed, it is quite easy to find a bride here, even though it is legally forbidden. The diversity of Filipino beauties makes the process that easy, as you can find thousands of mail order Filipino brides ready to be your wives. According to the 2019 Philippine Marriage Statistics released by the Philippine Statistics Authority, 96.4% or 416,542 marriages in 2019 were between Filipino women and men, and 3.5% or 15,047 marriages were between Filipinos and foreign nationals. The highest number of foreign marriages among Filipino women, meanwhile, were with American men (26.8%).

Another reason why looking for Filipina girls is not a bad idea is the absence of a language barrier. While indeed, most Filipino ladies know English at a decent level, allowing them to freely communicate with foreigners. The Philippines continued to be deemed as having high proficiency in English and to stand in the second spot in Asia, even recording a better ranking than in 2020. Sexy Filipina brides won’t have a problem assimilating into your country of residence, as Philippines brides are rather Western-oriented, so there won’t be any cultural barriers as well. In other words, while it can be difficult for women from other countries to be comfortable at first with a foreigner, Filipino females make sure that they are as comfortable as possible. This is one of the reasons why Philippine brides are more popular than Korean women or Southeast Asian women!

The bottom line

A Filipino mail order bride is a Filipina woman who won’t disappoint you. Your dating experience will be wonderful if you choose beautiful Filipino girls. Just remember that to be a good foreign husband, you need to be honest, loyal, and respectful. Do that, and your Filipina bride will make you the happiest man on the planet. It is not difficult to build a happy and healthy relationship with a Filipina girl, all you have to do is follow this guide!

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