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Marrying a Japanese Woman: A GodSend Or A Challenge?

If you are interested in marrying a Japanese woman, you may be wondering about both emotional and formal parts of this important step. First, marrying a foreigner always involves some small difficulties like how to do it legally. Besides, the cultural gap can be an obstacle for you to click so easily as if with a person from your country. Also, with official statistics proving that less and less local ladies decide to marry young or to tie the knot at all, the idea of finding a Japanese mail order bride seem like a quite challenging one. Well, it may sound quite difficult, but it’s not the exact truth if you scratch beneath the surface of dating in Japan. So, how to marry a Japanese woman, and what should you know to build a happy family with a lady from the oriental culture?

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Marriage with a Japanese wife: do you need to hurry-up?

A lot of Japanese women actually give their honest opinion about the desire to marry foreigners. So, what are all these official numbers of single women about? Well, the problem is that Japan is quite a traditional country, yet with a fast-developing approach that makes its own adjustments. Society encourages and even pressures on women to quit their careers and focus on family. However, with modern tendencies, more and more single Japanese women crave to self-develop, work, and achieve their goals. Afraid of being trapped in too many traditional marriages that will limit them only to rearing children and cleaning the house, some of them decide not to marry at all.


At the same time, more young women show their interest in marrying young and combining their family and work at once. So, if you want to marry a Japanese woman, the key to success is not to hurry up and not scare off a lady, but also to communicate your goals. If, by chance, your plans don’t coincide, try to come to the common idea and respect both perceptions.

Do cultural differences matter in the marriage with a Japanese woman?

Apart from a perception of the marriage, keep in mind that you will need to overcome cultural specifics to go serious and marry an amazing Japanese lady. What kind of obstacles can you come across? First of all, culture shapes even routine habits and day-to-day activities. Secondly, Japanese women for marriage are quite patient and restricted, which can be strange for some Western men. If you ever have a conflict, your Japanese wife will probably stay quiet until you get what bothers her.

Last, but not least, if you meet your Japanese wife thanks to online mail order bride services, or you simply don’t live in the same country, one of you will need to relocate. It literally means to get adapted to the other lifestyle, culture, and society. Luckily, lots of Japanese single ladies don’t mind to move somewhere to West. They usually get used to the other country, can find a job, friends, and feel at ease.

Can you find a Japanese wife online?

You can come across many Japanese women in the USA, Australia, and Europe and start a relationship with someone who lives in the same country. But, unluckily, it’s not always possible. So if you truly want to marry a Japanese woman but have no idea where to find her, online dating sites can be quite useful. First, they offer you all the profiles of single ladies at once. You can get access to the huge database, and there are high chances to meet someone who meets your ideal preferences. Besides, if you are eager to build a long-run relationship that leads to marriage, on dating sites, you can clearly find out about the intentions of every bride you talk to. So, this process is quite easy and helpful for those dreaming of a Japanese wife but with no possibility of traveling to Japan.

How to legally marry a Japanese woman?

Talking about the legal part of the marriage and how to do it right, you need to define the country where you are going to tie the knot. In Japan, the marriage must be registered at a municipal government office. All documents you will need to have are proof of identification, certificate of marriage notification, affidavit of competency to marry and original birth certificate. Once you submit it, you will get a simple marriage certificate, and the longer version of it that will cost about $10. So, overall, the process is quite easy and can be done in a few hours.

Japanese woman for marriage: Is she worth the effort?

If your only relationship experience is with women from your own country, then you may rightfully stop to think: is it worth the effort to look for a Japanese woman for marriage? Trying to find a Japanese woman for marriage means additional expenses and time, and there are no guarantees that your relationship will work out or lead to a beautiful wedding.

This is why the first and most important step you need to take is to decide whether you actually want it. Thousands of Western men have firmly decided that they only want to marry Japanese women, and they won’t change their minds no matter how many challenges they may encounter along the way. If you also think you won’t know true happiness until you’re married to a Japanese lady, then our guide on how to marry a Japanese woman is exactly what you need. And our selection of trusted dating services will help you find a bride safely and quickly.

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