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Your Filipina Woman Of Dreams: A Cheap Or An Expensive Deal?

Millions of single people turn to the web to find a true soulmate, and the Philippines take the lead as a top dating destination. But what are the cost of happiness and the love of your life if you are looking for it online? Sometimes, the price of online dating features may be outside of someone’s budget, but the service’s smart use will help you to have your cake and eat it too. Besides, how much will you need to pay when dating an amazing Filipina bride? Find real numbers and true facts in the next paragraphs.

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Filipino mail order brides websites: cost of features and sign-up

If you choose the Philippines as your target country, we have some good news. First of all, the country isn’t expensive itself. Secondly, mail order brides services are a good bargain, too, if you know what to choose. Starting your online dating experience, you can use international websites that cover lots of countries at once. However more niche country-targeted platforms will help to quickly get ahead. The good point about the last ones is that these sites are usually less pricey and adjusted to the local economic situation. That’s why, for an average Western man, a monthly subscription will cost as 7-8 coffees. So, long story short, what are the exact fees?

First of all, your first contribution will depend on the level of the platform or agency. The elite ones may charge for the registration process. Though, most mail order bride sites are free and even offer some welcome bonuses.



Mail order bride sites usually use a paid membership to improve their audience quality and create a safer dating environment for the women, as men who pay for their dating experience tend to take it more seriously. Some dating sites will grant you a membership simply for signing up, but others will charge you from $10 to $50 per month for it on average. You can also save some money by purchasing 3, 6, or 12 months of membership at once.

Additional features

A Premium membership typically includes some communication features, but they may not be enough for a successful online dating journey. To make the most out of your time on a dating site, you will need to use all the features the site has to offer. In the case of mail order bride sites, these features will be paid for individually using credits or another type of in-site currency.

You can get credits in packages ranging from 2 to 100+ credits and costing from $3.99 to $200+. The more credits you buy at once, the less each credit is going to cost. You can then spend credits on features like chat, letters, video calls, chat stickers, sending photos, and more. Another expenditure to factor into the Filipino bride price is the cost of gifts. Most dating services have a special gift delivery feature, which can come in handy for long-distance dating. It allows you to choose a gift—a bouquet of flowers for your bride’s birthday, a box of sweets to cheer her up, or a Lego set for her little one—and pay to have it delivered directly to her. The delivery fee is usually around $50, and the cost of the gift depends on the gift itself.


One of the biggest challenges of international dating is a language barrier, and mail order bride sites attempt to solve it with translation services. A translator will usually charge you around $0.1 per word when it comes to letters and chat, while translating phone and video calls can cost you up to $2 per minute.

Keep in mind that if you desire to surprise and seduce Filipino bride with some presents, most sites will do all the work for you and provide a door-to-door delivery but will charge separately about $10-15 to the cost of the gift.

Filipino romance trip: is it the cheapest place to travel?

If the trip to your Filipino mail order bride is already in the plans, it’s time to know more about how much it will cost you to get there and spend the best time with your Miss Right.


The first step is to buy a plane ticket. Of course, depending on the urgency of your trip, you can grab some good offers or a little bit more expensive variants. If you travel from the USA, except for $500-600 on average. A trip from any country in Europe can cost you approximately the same price while you will make it there for $300 and more from Australia or New Zealand.

Accommodation in the Philippines is quite affordable and you can get a great place spending much less than you would do in our country. A 3-star hotel in the capital of the country is about $50 per night, while an all-inclusive 5-star room can be found for $170 per night. Besides, you will be surprised for big sunny and spacious flats with all the necessities for $50-80 at maximum.

Entertainment in the Philippines: how much to spend?

The first date can be rough not only on your nerves (especially if you travel so far) but also on your wallet. In the Philippines, it’s not the case. The capital is not exactly cheap, but quite affordable. For example, coffee for two will cost you 300 peso or $6-7, give or take. Fancy dinner is about 1400-2500 peso or $25-50, depending on your choice. If you want to drink something, be ready to spend about 1000-1200 peso ($20-25) for two of you and try a variety of different tasty cocktails. You can find lots of free activities too, but 3000-4000 peso ($60-80) will be more than enough if you focus on the meaningful date.

To sum up

When you decide to buy a Filipina bride, you should be ready to pay more than it usually costs to develop a relationship with a local lady. However, marriage to a Filipino woman has so many advantages that the small issue of a Filipino mail order bride cost shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream relationship.

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