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What is the Indian mail order brides price? There’s no exact answer because too many factors affect the final number. For example, you should consider your location, what communication tools you’re going to use, whether you’ll meet offline, and how often. Besides, the price for offline dating significantly differs from the cost of online dating. Nevertheless, Indian brides are worth every cent you spend on them because they know how to make you happy and will surround you with love.

Let’s take a deeper look at the cost of Indian mail order brides.

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What is the average Indian mail order brides price?

If you were to opt for Indian women for sale, and this implied traveling to the country, there would have been several factors that have to be taken into account. First off, you need to consider the dating expenses because they differ in each case based on men’s preferences. If you want to court your girl and make her understand the seriousness of your intentions via the gifts and dates at fancy restaurants, remember that it will significantly impact the Indian brides price.

For example, men usually buy perfumes, clothes, or flowers for their lovers. The cost of these presents is different because you can opt for more pricey or cheaper options. Typically, Western guys spend around $100–$1,000 on courting their Indian women, but these numbers aren’t final because they change depending on what you decide to buy.

The next factor is travel expenses. These include plane tickets, which varies from $700 to $2,000, but it can be higher or lower since there are many factors, like the day of the purchase or the class or tickets, that affect it. Also, once you come to India, you’ll need to stay somewhere, and the average price for a nice hotel room is approximately $840 for 2 weeks.


As for food, it’s relatively cheap in India, so it’ll be around $260 for 14 days, but it also depends on the places you decide to visit. And different activities and entertainment will cost about $260 for two people for the mentioned period. Visa costs around $80.

So, the final cost of Indian mail order brides is almost $4,500, but it’s usually higher because men decide to buy more expensive gifts or stay in a fancier hotel.

However, you have the opportunity to meet Indian brides online, so let’s review it as well.

What is the cost of Indian mail order brides online?

Various expenditures are associated with the Indian mail order brides price, but you get what you pay for. Besides, investing in your happy life is worth it because then, you can be sure that the woman you’ve selected among others will be your true soulmate. The financial aspect is critical in any relationship, no matter if they mainly happen offline or online.

Here are some of the most critical aspects of the Indian brides price online:

Website’s services

Although there are free sites, we don’t recommend using them because it’s often when the quality of offered services is low, and you just waste your time and don’t achieve the desired result. So, when speaking about paid online dating platforms, we refer to those that are credit-based. To use them, you need to purchase credit packs and then use these credits to be able to choose from the offered communication services.

In case you opt for, say, emails, they’ll be cheaper than video chats. On average, the price for websites where you can find Indian women for sale is around $30–$1,000 per month. And the average period of interacting with Indian brides is usually 6 months.

Expenses on the trip to India

The trip will include the elements mentioned in the paragraph below and be around $2,020 for 2 weeks. However, it can be significantly lower if your bride invites you to stay over at her place. In this way, you’ll save money on accommodation and even food because you might have breakfast at home and go somewhere to eat in the afternoon and evening. So, the number will decrease and be about $1,130.

Visa and other documents

If you are the one to go to India, you’ll need to pay a visa fee, which is around $80. And if your Indian woman is coming to the US, you’ll need to pay approximately $265 for a K-1 visa, and then she will have to apply for a permanent resident visa, which is $575.

As you can see, Indian mail order brides price for using online dating sites or mail order brides platforms is lower compared to offline. Also, it includes all the necessary elements and offers a practically 100% chance of meeting the girl of your dreams. The final Indian brides price is $2,050, which is two times lower than offline dating and includes all the elements, from the dating site’s expenses to travel costs and documents.


Is it more effective to buy Indian brides via dating websites?

If you know how to meet Indian women online, you’re already aware of the convenience of this option and the high chances of meeting a soulmate it offers. It is definitely more practical to opt for Indian women for sale online because you can select your preferences, communicate with women from any convenient place, and choose the most beneficial services for you.

When opting for mail order brides websites, you choose your convenience because you get all you need for a reasonable price and don’t have to be worried about whether you’ll be lucky enough to meet a woman who matches your preferences. Online dating doesn’t imply any questionable spendings because you’re the one to choose how many credits you want to purchase and how you want to spend them.

Besides, it’s always great to know in advance that the lady you’ve fancied perfectly matches your taste, shares the same goals, and has similar intentions. You won’t have to spend too much time chatting with ladies who have contrasting intentions or aren’t sure about what they are looking for in men. One of the most notable advantages of using online dating websites is that the Indian mail order brides price matches what you get. You don’t overpay and get high-quality services for a reasonable price, which costs less than 6 months of offline dating.

Here is a quick recap of the benefits of using online dating websites:

  • Mail order brides platforms are convenient and efficient.
  • It’s easy to create a profile and scroll through the accounts of women.
  • You can choose the preferred characteristics of girls and get matched with them.
  • Online dating websites have many valuable features, which are regularly updated.
  • You have higher chances of finding “the one” compared to offline dating.

Mail order brides platforms offer a reasonable Indian brides price and a variety of services you can use when paying for them with credits. It’s easier to start communicating with attractive Indian girls when you have enough time to think about your message because you don’t have to rush. Since the cost of Indian mail order brides is twice lower compared to dating in real life, it’s a more advantageous alternative. It’s more reliable as well because it’s much easier to choose from thousands of women you’ve matched with than to invite girls to numerous dates to find out they aren’t ready for serious relationships eventually.

To wrap up

If you’ve been looking for ways to buy Indian brides, you should leverage the opportunities offered by online dating! The Internet has significantly changed the way we interact, so why not use it in your favor. Indian brides are closer than you think, so don’t be afraid to pay Indian brides price because it’s a considerable investment into your happy future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cost of Indian mail order brides lower than the price of offline dating?

Yes, it is. Online dating is so popular both for its effectiveness and affordability. It costs several times lower compared to real-life dating. For example, if you decide to meet a woman and take her on dates, you’ll meet at least twice a week. Usually, couples go to restaurants or other similar places, where you’ll have to pay a considerable sum of money. Meanwhile, when communicating online and establishing relationships, your spendings won’t be high because there won’t be dates at fancy places.

Are Indian women for sale worth it?

Surely! Indian girls are sought-after among American men thanks to combining several impressive traits and their ability to see the positive side of everything. An Indian lover will fill your life with happy moments and unforgettable experiences because she knows how to get the most out of every moment.

Is Indian brides price affordable?

Yes, they are. Although many guys are afraid they’ll spend more money on online dating compared to offline dating, they’re being mistaken. Usually, using specialized dating websites is more affordable because you avoid additional costs and can decide what exactly you want to use and pay for. That’s why if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that will help you meet a lover, consider using mail order brides websites.

Why should you buy Indian brides?

There are many reasons, and they differ for each man. For example, if you’ve always wanted a girl with an exotic appearance, an Indian bride will be a perfect choice for you. Also, if you’ve always wanted to have a family-oriented partner who will have both modern and traditional values, an Indian girl is an excellent choice for you.

What affects Indian mail order brides price?

There are several factors. Some of them include website prices, the frequency of using communication tools and their type, whether you send your lover gifts or not, and other elements. Also, if you decide that it’s time to meet your woman offline, you’ll need to take into account the cost of traveling.

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