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What are Korean brides like?

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Who are Korean mail order brides? In simple terms, they are ladies who are looking for a foreign guy often because they believe that men abroad are manlier, stronger, and more stable than some Korean guys, especially the younger generation of Korean men.

Why is the demand for them growing all the time? Generally speaking, there are three main reasons why they are this popular:

  • Korean girls are known for their outward beauty
  • They are famous for their inner beauty
  • Korean mail order wives still have respect for traditional values, in particular, family values

You may say that this is not enough information for a man who is thinking about getting a Korean wife. We cannot but agree with them – this is only basic info, but we devote more attention to these features below.

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Numerous men from Quora say that they are interested in dating Korean women because of their special charm, jaw-dropping appearance, and life values. Here are the top features that will help you understand what Korean women are like:

  • Graceful and gorgeous. Based on the 2020 survey, 61% of respondents say that they care about their appearance, and it is especially important for them. This resulted in a great increase in the popularity of South Korean brides among Australian men. 
  • Sociable and determined. According to the relevant data, many women from Korea are explorers who are ready for new achievements. They are engaged in social life and quickly build connections with people. These ladies are all about constant improvement and always work to achieve new goals. 

Unique internal world. You can live with a South Korean wife for years, but you will always find a new facet or a personality trait to admire. The internal world of South Korean women is quite complex, so you can always enjoy incredible conversations and supportive words. There is always something to discover in a Korean woman.   

How to bring a Korean wife to the Australia?

So, let’s assume that you have found a Korean girl for marriage, and you are ready to embark on the journey of bringing her to the Australia. What next? Well, the process of getting your Korean bride will be lengthy but tricky. Indeed, this process can be both exciting and challenging, but with the right guidance, you can smoothly navigate the necessary steps. Here, we will answer all your questions regarding how to find a Korean girl for marriage, what potential legal issues you might face, and what you should do to actually bring your wife to the Australia!

Finding a woman from South Korea online

To begin, you will need to select a reputable and reliable mail order bride website that has Korean mail order brides online. Many Korean mail order brides can be found on these sites, but it is vital to select the best Korean mail order platform to ensure the safety and legitimacy of your future bride. Do thorough research on available websites, read user reviews, and verify their authenticity before signing up. Look for guides and reviews as they usually contain a detailed selection of sites with brides that you can trust!

Build a relationship with your Korean girl

When you know which site you will use, start communicating with the brides from Korea. Try building a relationship with the Korean girl you are interested in, and make sure you are as honest as you can. You will find a detailed section devoted to how to win over a Korean girl later in the article. Keep in mind that many South Korean mail order brides are looking for a serious relationship, so approach the matter with respect and sincerity.

Step 1: Applying for the Right Visa To bring your Korean wife to Australia, you’ll need to apply for a Partner visa (subclass 309 or 820). The application process involves proving the authenticity of your relationship. You will need to provide evidence of your relationship including shared financial responsibilities, social recognition, and a commitment to a shared life together.

Step 2: Wait for a Temporary Visa The initial visa issued is typically a temporary Partner visa (subclass 309 or 820). This visa allows the spouse to live in Australia, while the application for the permanent visa (subclass 100 or 801) is being processed. The processing times can vary significantly, so it’s important to be patient.

Step 3: Applying for a Permanent Visa After being granted the temporary visa, you can then apply for the permanent Partner visa (subclass 100 or 801). It’s typically applied for two years after applying for the subclass 309 or 820. The Department of Home Affairs will send you a letter when it’s time to apply. This visa involves further documentation and proof of an ongoing genuine relationship.

Step 4: Settling in Australia Once the permanent visa is approved, your Korean wife can live, work, and study in Australia indefinitely. She may also apply for Australian citizenship.

Remember, the visa process can be complex, and the waiting time can be lengthy. It’s advisable to get legal advice or consult with a registered migration agent to ensure a smooth process.

Getting your Korean bride for marriage in the Australia

Once you complete all the previous steps, you can proceed to actually get your bride to the Australia. Search for affordable flights and consider the most convenient travel dates for both of you. The average price is around $1,000. Keep in mind that your fiance will likely need assistance with packing and preparing for her journey, so communicate regularly and offer support throughout the process. And expect it to be quite expensive!

Marriage and Green Card application

Once your Korean fiancee arrives in the Australia, you should have a Korean wedding within 90 days. After getting married, you can apply for a marriage green card for your spouse, which will grant her permanent resident status in the Australia. This process typically involves providing proof of your marriage, such as a marriage certificate, and completing the necessary forms and interviews. By the way, a typical Korean wedding is usually not very expensive.

Now you know how to find a Korean bride online! As you can see, seeking a Korean girl for marriage and bringing her to the Australia involves selecting a reliable mail order brides from Korea website, building a relationship, dealing with all the legal processes, and getting her to the Australia. Indeed, it can be a challenge, but if you are looking for true love, nothing will stop you!

Qualities and features of Korean wives

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  1. As hot as men think they are. Korean women are naturally pretty – they have gorgeous dark hair, full lips, and almond eyes. However, this is not enough for most of them. Let us look at the figures – about 1/3 of all adult females in Korea have done at least a quick little plastic surgery. This not only proves that ladies in this country pay a lot of attention to looks but also that there is a good chance that your Korean mail order bride will be as hot as in your dreams. Most of Korean women look very innocent and dreamy – men just cannot resist them.
  2. Educated and well-mannered. Did you know that education is very expensive in South Korea, but parents do everything possible to provide their daughters with an opportunity to study at the best universities in Seoul and other big cities? Girls, in turn, appreciate it and use it to grow personally and professionally. Currently, about 50% of students in Korea are females.
  3. Definitely not lazy. Some people think that if in Korea, women and their families usually consider the income of a groom, Korean brides do not like/want to work. This, however, is just a stereotype. You would be surprised to know how important self-development is for most of them. Korean women gain knowledge in the best universities of Korea and the world, and they use this knowledge when building a career. Some people might say that this could be said of most other developed countries of the word. However, there is the nuanced – unlike many ladies in the western world, Korean mail order wives care about self-development, but do not forget about the importance of the family. This is what distinguishes them and makes them so popular.
  4. More emotional than you think they are. A lot of people consider Asians to be the calmest people in the world. Well, this can be said about a few Asian countries, but women in Korea are much more emotional than you think they are. Some may say that this is their disadvantage, but we cannot agree. It is much easier to live with a lady who expresses her emotions – at least, you know what you can expect from her, why she is crying or smiling, etc. If you are in a relationship with a Korean woman, you are likely to discuss everything that you feel – some people think that this is a huge benefit for a loving couple.
  5. Even more caring than other Asian wives. By the way, Koreans’ emotionality also has a great “side effect.” Korean women do not hesitate to express their emotions, and love is one of them. If you are happily married to a Korean wife, you will be the happiest man in the world because she will do everything to show her feelings by doing cute romantic things for you.
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korean bride
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Why do not Korean mail order brides marry local men?

  • Get married before you turn 30. Social pressure is no joke. Moreover, Korean culture is about love, cute toys, roses, and red hearts, so no wonder lonely people often feel horrible in such a surrounding. For many single women, marrying a foreigner is one of the ways to solve the problem.
  • Foreign guys are manlier. Did you know that Korean guys care about their looks even more than Korean girls? More precisely, up to 20% of men in Korea wear makeup and spend almost a billion dollars every year on men’s beauty products, and that is about ¼ of the world’s demand. We do not say that this is a bad trend – these are just facts aimed at showing why Korean girls marry foreigners – they just look for someone manlier.
  • Drinking socially? Koreans drink twice as much as Russians do. This is a problem of many Asian nations, actually. Chinese men, for example, drink a lot, too, and it is not even stigmatized or discouraged if a man is rich and provides for the family. The situation in Korea is a bit different, but the problem remains the same.
  • Korean mail order brides just want to have a better life. Korean women are eager to have a better life in a different country. Korea is a land of competition, and it is challenging to achieve something. While living in the Australia is not simpler, it offers more opportunities for young and beautiful Korean mail order wives online. So, you can find many wonderful Korean women looking for a chance to have a better life with a man they love.
  • Korean brides are obsessed with Australia culture. It is also essential to note that Korean wives online love everything Australia. They want to have the best time of their lives in this country. While some Korean mail order brides may have unrealistic ideas of what it is like living in the Australia, you can be sure that a Korean bride will be a perfect date for you!

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How to meet Korean women for marriage?

If you want to find Korean brides, you will need to find a reliable method to organize your search. Moreover, you can get inspired by numerous love stories of successful relationships with these gorgeous ladies.

Actually, there are several ways to find a lady from Korea. Many men prefer traveling to South Korea in the hope to meet a soulmate. However, this method of finding your significant other is quite questionable and has numerous pitfalls. Korean ladies have traditional life views, and they will hardly build relationships with a stranger they met in the bar. Moreover, you will never know where exactly your soulmate lives and what places she usually visits. 

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To facilitate their dating experience, more and more potential grooms try to find their love online. According to the statistics, 12% of men have ever dated or been married to someone they got acquainted with on a dating site or app. Furthermore, this method of meeting Korean women for marriage has multiple advantages:

  • You can communicate with several ladies simultaneously to later choose the best match. 
  • It is possible to find your soulmate from the comfort of your home.
  • There is no need to reveal your personal information on the site, so you will have a safe romantic journey. 
  • Online dating is an affordable way to meet beautiful Korean women. 

Here are the top international dating sites where you can enjoy pleasant acquaintances with mail order Korean brides. 

💌 AsianMelodies Simple interface, a large database of users and active women
💌 TheLuckyDate Effective communicative features and multiple packages to choose from 
💌 EasternHoneys Well-detailed women’s profiles, advanced searching options

How much do mail order Korean brides cost?

The cost of South Korean brides is a matter of concern for numerous men. Here are some factors to pay attention to before organizing your dating venture. If you want to get more info on this matter, check out Korean mail order brides cost page

  • Online services on international dating sites — up to $300 per month, depending on your activity on the site and the features you use. 
  • Round trip Sydney — Seoul — $1320
  • 3-star hotel room in Seoul per night — $50
  • Taxi services — $8 per ride across the center of Seoul
  • An average bill in the restaurant for 2 people in Seoul — $40
  • Entertainment — $800
  • Fiance visa — $1000
  • Flight tickets for your future spouse — $800
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How to win a Korean mail order bride’s heart?

Are there any specific tips to pique a Korean bride’s interest and then win her heart? Yes, and you can find them below.

  1. She will think that you are playboy (just because you are a foreigner, especially if you are white and young), so make an effort to convince her that you are really serious about your relationship
  2. We mentioned that Korean women are no puritanical, but they are not easy, too. Treat her with respect and give her some time, and you will be rewarded.
  3. This is a country where some old school values are still preserved. One of them states that a man pays the bill.
  4. Take her out. Restaurants, cafes, bowling, whatever – Korean girlss enjoy spending time, not at home.
  5. Respect her culture. Seriously, all Koreans have a lot of pride of being Koreans, so consider this when marrying Asian mail order bride, and especially when meeting her parents.
  6. Your Korean bride can be moody, just take it easy.

So, you do not have to kill the dragon to achieve your Korean wife. Just consider the cultural differences.

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Interesting facts about Korean women

As you can see, these ladies are just gorgeous. However, there are a few more facts that can help you better understand them. Let us take a look at the most interesting and important of them.

  • Only about 3% of all Korean women are overweight, and these are extremely low figures, in comparison not only with nations that obviously have problems with this but also with such healthy nations as Japanese. Simply put, Korean mail order wives are fit, and that is the great news.
  • Koreans work a lot, and women are not an exception to this rule.
  • A lot of local women speak English fluently. By the way, entrepreneurship is considered one of the most prestigious ones.
  • They are not as shy as most other Asians. Did you know that there is a sex-themed park in South Korea? Korean brides do not think that sex is something to be ashamed of. And yes, we are not going to deny that this is one of the reasons why guys date Korean women, too.
  • Short skirts and shorts are always trendy. Always.

A few interesting facts about Korea

Discovering the interesting facts about Korea, you can take a deeper dive into the world of Korean dating and build deeper bonds with beautiful Korean women. Let us take a look at the few facts about the country with the heaviest concentration of beautiful and smart women:

  1. Korea has the fastest Internet connection speed in the world, and the country serves up to 30% of the world’s web traffic! Well, it means that your Korean bride will be able to stay in touch with you all the time, even if she is thousands of miles away from you.
  2. In Korea, bars are next door to churches.
  3. Arranged marriages still take place in South Korea. There are even separate names for love and arranged marriages.
  4. It is one of the safest countries in the world.
  5. Korea has the 11th largest GDP in the world, so doubts about a Korean wife’s motivation are not reasonable. If a Korean bride dates you, she does it not because of your money – Korea is not a poor country, and women there do not want to leave at all costs.
  6. The population in Korea is more than 51 million. The total population of South Korea is 51,342,584. The male-female ratio is 100.1 males for every 100 females in South Korea, though not all men are ready for serious relations until their 30.
  7. Korean is an official language in South Korea. Only 11% of citizens can speak English fluently. However, typically, the best Korean brides who register their accounts on dedicated websites have a decent level of English-speaking skills. 
  8. South Korea includes more than 4000 islands. When dating a Korean girl, you will have an opportunity to explore numerous picturesque places. 
  9. Korean people value hierarchy. Koreans address their colleagues, family members, and older people in a certain way. It may seem unusual for American people, but thus Korean people highlight the status of the person they meet.
  10. Valentine’s Days are for men as well. In Korean dating culture, women express their affection to their significant others, though men usually treat their partners with pleasant gifts. 
  11. There is gender inequality in Korean society. However, numerous Korean women have already Westernized and are striving for equal relationships.

This country is truly amazing in all senses, and it is definitely worth visiting, especially if you visit it to meet your Korean mail order bride.

A personality of a Korean bride – final thoughts

As you can see, Korean mail order brides are just gorgeous. No, we do not claim that they are perfect for all men – all people are unique, and we all have our own views on marriage and the institution of the family. Still, if you read all the info above and understood that Korea might be the right place, why not try to find a soulmate in this country?


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